Drill and Tool Extension Set

Drill and Tool Extension Set
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Threaded Extensions are extremely versatile and provide the functional utility of several extension drill bit sets. Too often drill bits are too short or too long for specific jobs. The Extensions thread together to create any tool length necessary to get at a problem in a deep or narrow location. In addition to TightFit® drill bits, the Extensions work with a variety of other threaded tools. They also work with the Right Angle Drill Attachment for getting around corners or over/under obstructions.

Included in the set is a Chucking Spud that allows TightFit® drill bits and other threaded tools to be used conventionally/normally with your standard power drill. A 3" Threaded Extension, 6" Threaded Extension that when used with the Chucking Spud and TightFit® drill bits provides the utility of an expensive set of "deep reach" extension drill bits. Used with the Right Angle Drill Attachment, the Extension allows work over/under or around obstacles. A 9" Chucking Extension for deep reach situations. The extensions are made of mild carbon steel (1144) and thread together to form lengths of: 5/8, 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 & 18 inches, and have a body diameter of 3/8". Internal and external threads are 1/4-28 (UNF 2B and 2A). All items are black oxided to prevent corrosion while enhancing appearance. The weight of this set is approximately .61 pounds.